The Lord is Preparing People for Us


Well another week has come and gone.  We will be having changes this Wednesday and we will see what happens. 

This week was pretty good. I’m still just trying to become like Christ day by day.  Today I think I failed.... ha ha.  We had a zone activity and it ended up with everyone doing their own thing.  So I got a little frustrated... but like my wise little brother said... rough times make me stronger.

This week we had a pretty cool experience that once again proved to me that the Lord is preparing people for us.  The other day we ran into a recent convert named Hector.  He’s a pretty funny guy. He’s like a big teddy bear. Unfortunately, we found him a bit drunk.. just a little buzzed I guess.  But he brought us over to his mom’s house.  So we started teaching his mom and his sister and they are super interested. The other day we had an appointment with his sister and we started talking to her. She told us about a lot of her problems she has been having lately. Her son got stabbed in front of her, she can’t find work, her house burned up with her in it... crazy hard problems.  She has also been pretty sick lately.  They had to take her to the hospital the other day and she stayed with relatives in San Pedro.  But she came back to her house for the appointment we had with her.  She told us that as she was on the way to the hospital, she prayed that God would let her be okay so that she could join the church.  It was a pretty cool experience to hear her say that and I know that she has been prepared by the Lord.  So we will see what happens in the future with her and her mom.

So just keep trucking along everyone!

Elder Ollis

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