Redeeming Love...the Motivation Behind Christ's Atonement


Well people, sorry but just another short letter this week.  I had changes again and I’m here in Villanueva. My new comp’s name is Elder Paau, and he’s from Guatemala. Basically I’m super glad I had changes.  My comp is awesome, the area is a little bit cooler, and it’s really awesome because there’s a bunch of fields and a bunch of people wear cowboy hats... its kinda like Heber, Utah, just a little more city-ish.  So pretty cool.  And I’m basically just trying to figure out everything in in my new area so not much to write.

But things are good.  My comp and I have made some goals and we’ve been working to meet them.  We made a goal to use the Book of Mormon more when we contact, just something that I haven’t done so much. So we are going to work on that and see how it goes, and hopefully see some miracles!  But yah I’m pretty happy with the changes. I’ve already been able to do some things better that I hadn’t done so well through my mission, and try new things at the same time.  So I’m excited to work in my new area and work with my comp.  

We should have a baptism this Saturday. I don’t really know the investigator that well. Her name is Raquel and she is a little weird. She likes to test the missionaries.  When I got there, she tested me on the fall of Adam and Eve.  Then I explained it and she was like.. yah, its just like the other elder explained. Just a little different I guess.  We are also teaching a semi-orthodox Jew... another out of the ordinary part.  But anyway, that’s about all I’ve got.

I just wanted to share a little thought I had while I was studying the Book of Mormon this morning.  The phrase “redeeming love” stuck out to me. I was thinking about what it is, and I don’t know if this right or not.. but to me it’s the love that was the motivation behind Christ’s atonement. That is redeeming love.  Because of the love He showed by taking upon him all our sins, we can be redeemed from death both temporal and spiritual.  How grateful we should be for that love.  Just something I hadn’t thought of before... so that’s all! 

Love, Elder Ollis

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