Father in Heaven Will Help Us Walk in the Best Path for Us


06/24/2015 - Villanueva and the Sugar Cane Fields
Well, this week was pretty great, it being the Fourth of July and all.  And yes, I did wear my tie with the American flag on it... always supporting.   On a rather sad note... I may be retiring the cowboy boots I’ve been wearing for nine months straight. The inside is shot and it’s cutting up my feet, ha ha, so sad day.

Other than that my comp and I are just working hard trying to find new people to teach. The other day we didn’t have anything to do basically, so we were just walking around trying to find out where to go and who to talk to.  We went to some house and the lady just let us in.  It was just a little miracle for the day for me. Right as I was thinking where do we go... we went there and she let us in.

07/01/2015 - Sugar Cane Fields up close
But there was another miracle for me this week.  We have an investigator that is a bit of a challenge.  We think she might have some learning disabilities.  When I got to the area she was supposed to get baptized this Saturday that just passed.  We just had a few more things to teach her to prepare her for the interview.  So we went to teach the few remaining things and we ran into a big problem.  This investigator, named Raquel, gets nervous and scared when someone talks about the dead. So naturally when we taught about baptisms for the dead, she didn’t like it.  She wasn’t against it, but she was just afraid of the whole concept and the temple.  We explained for a long while... but we didn’t know if we should go on with the interview or not.  I didn’t feel like we should, but my comp felt differently, so we didn’t know what to do.  So we prayed about it.  We both meditated for a bit then talked to each other about how we felt, and amazingly the Lord sent us the same impressions.  We both had felt impressed to read D&C 20:37, and we both felt the impression that fear is the enemy of faith and that we should wait for the baptism and prepare this investigator more.  

It was just a testimony to me that God knows best what His children need.  It also was a faith builder for me that we can receive inspiration and guidance from God.  This is His work, and He guided us. It was amazing to see that he answered both my comp and me, by guiding us to the same things, even though we had different opinions at first.  I know the spirit is real and that we have to listen carefully to feel its influence. But as we do…we can be guided by an all-knowing and all-wise Father in Heaven who will help us walk in the best path for us.  But we must seek him through prayer and study and put ourselves in places to feel His spirit.

Love, Elder Ollis

Explanation of the pictures: “An attempt at a selfie with a sheep, and little scenic view of some of the areas in our zone.”

06/30/2015 - Selfie with a Sheep

06/25/2015 - Basically I walk up and down hills all day!

06/30/2015 - Another Look at Villanueva

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