It's Been an Awesome Opportunity to Serve the Lord in Honduras


Well just to start off, one of the kes on this computer doesnt work.. so if ou can figure it out ou win the prize.

So this week was prett good.. just reall tiring.  Sunda was prett long ha ha.  but this week was prett good because we had an activit with the ward.  We had planned to have a movie night and see Meet the Mormons with the members and have them invite people.  It’s alwas prett stressful to plan an activit but we did it and it came out fine.  We ended up having 80 people come!  The onl bad part was that I didn’t even get to see the movie because the four missionaries in the ward were all passing out popcorn and soda during the whole movie.  So I still have et to see the movie ha ha.  So things went well for our activit.

Other than that, I don’t have much else to sa.  It’s the last week of m mission... other than that.... nothing exciting ha ha. It’s just prett craz to think about all that has changed.  It’s been an awesome opportunit to come and serve the Lord in Honduras.  And I know I haven’t done everthing perfect, but I have tried to do m best, and I was able to improve in a lot of things.  So I guess this last week, I’m just going to tr and forget that it’s actuall m last week and just put it all out on the line. I hope to be able to just work hard, focus, and worr about going home when I actuall have to do it. ha ha.  So wish me luck! 

Elder Ollis

p.s. If ou haven’t figured it out et, the letter missing is y ha ha

In a letter to Draper’s Dad:  Yes, I believe that I did bring more than one soul unto Christ, and most importantly myself too.  Dad, I love this gospel, I love the scriptures, I love serving and I hope I get a calling soon, I love teaching. I love the Mormon Messages, conference, thinking about serving in the church, and all of that.  It motivates me to always read the scriptures, pray, and strive to be more spiritual.  I just don’t want to lose that focus when I get home.

07/27/2015 - Elder Ollis and his three amigos

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