We Got Saved by One of the Three Nephites!


Just so you all know I’m now in my new area, San Antonio in Zona Merendon.  This place is a little dangerous.  There are two rival gangs that are in the area, and there’s a part of my area that we don’t go into after seven at night.  So nothing crazy yet, but I’m sure it will be a pretty crazy time. This also may be my last area of the mission. I completed 18 months here in the mission last week, and it’s very likely that I will stay for six months here.

It’s always pretty rough in a new area. I have no idea where I’m going, and the members are all pretty different.  The people here are kinda angry, I won’t lie.  It’s more of a suburban area, not very rural like La Jutosa.  So I feel like that makes the difference.

Other than that, things have been pretty good this week. I was able to hear a few good things from my converts.  One of the converts, Vallery from Rio Lindo, sent me a package with some ties and also told me she is preparing to go on a mission!  I also emailed Jonathan, from Cerro Verde, last week and today he told me that he is planning to get sealed to his wife in December of this year, and he also had the opportunity to baptize his mom and his sister into the church!  I have also returned to the stake where I started the mission.  This Sunday I got to see the Familia Espinal.  Hermana Mercedes and Hermano Marvin are both still active.  I didn’t get to talk long because we had to take a bus because it was late. Then the next day I got to see Hermana Mecedes’ daughter and son that both got baptized after I left the area.  And I got to see the members of Cofradia which is always fun.  So it was a pretty good week.  I’m happy to hear that some of the people I got to help become members of the church are still active. 

The funny story of the week, we had to leave the Saturday night session of stake conference really fast to get a bus.  So we are standing on the side of the road in the dark waiting, and none of the buses stopped, and there weren’t that many.  So I was thinking, we are in trouble.  But all of the sudden some car comes up, and the guy is like “hey I’m Nefi. I’m a member, where are you going?” So I was a little unsure, but we got in and he took us to where we needed to go.  Weird little Mormon world, and we were the second pair of elders he had taken for a ride that same night!  We got saved by one of the Three Nephites!

My new comps name is Elder Harris.  He’s from Utah too, my second gringo. He’s pretty quiet, but pretty funny.  This week we have had to contact a ton, because the Elder that left didn’t really do much... there are no progressing investigators here. So we are almost opening an area.  That just means we have to work hard and rely on the Lord and I know this is His work and He will guide us to the people He is preparing.  So that’s the goal!

Anyway, not much more, but things are good. The only bad thing is that people ask me how much time I have in the mission now and then they tell me I’m leaving soon.

Elder Ollis

Without Him We Are Lost


Well it’s another week gone by again, crazy fast.   Again I don’t have much time so I will just let you all know I’m having transfers and I’m going to San Antonio, Chamelecon.  Basically, Chamelecon is a gang run city. So we will see how that goes.  

Anyway, this week was pretty good.  This Sunday our investigator Victor came to church again.  He has been three times and that means he can get baptized.  We just need to put a date with him.  Even though I won’t be there I’m pretty happy about that.  We also were able to have three inactives come back to church, so that was pretty cool too.  I don’t really know what to write honestly. I’m kind of just shocked about these transfers. That’s where the whole faith comes in I guess.  

I just want to share a little bit about a talk I gave yesterday in church. It’s about the gospel.  As I’ve been teaching it to investigators, it really has made me think.  Something opened my eyes a bit.  We know that Jesus Christ died for us. We know that he paid the price for our sins.  We also know from the scriptures that to receive of that sacrifice, we have to follow the five steps in the gospel.  But what hit me is what happens when we don’t follow those steps.  We are subject to the demands of justice.  Which means we cannot live with God.  Really, Jesus Christ is our Savior and our Redeemer, and only through Him we can be saved.  Without Him we are lost.  My invitation is that we can remember that the sacrifice of Christ is for those who believe in him and follow him, and that we can do just that.

Elder Ollis
Elder Ollis sporting his Red, White and Blue!

That’s La Jutosa….say goodbye!

Elder Ollis went on a hike outside of La Jutosa today with some Elders in his district!  He shared a few pictures of the view!

Can't go hiking without a machete?

I Think This Was the Quickest Week of My Mission


Sorry guys another quick one this week... I guess I’m just really bored of writing ha ha. Anyways, I think this was the quickest week of my mission. I don’t even know what happened.  One day I was finishing p-day, and then Sunday I went to bed, and I don’t even know how that happened.  

But anyways, it was a pretty good week.  I was able to do divisions with some elders in my district and see what’s up there.  It’s really weird because my part of the area is all mountains, and their part of the area is like flat subdivison.  I feel like it would be like Kansas.  But anyways, my comp and I were able to have a pretty good week.  We got some references from members and so we have some new people to follow up and see. Unfortunately, a few of the investigators that we have had haven’t been home, or have hid from us.  So we might be dropping a few investigators.  But it’s all good, there’s more people to find!  

We also have had an investigator named Victor come to church for the past two weeks. He’s pretty difficult but he’s finally come and he seems to be getting pretty excited.  So I have hopes he will be baptized soon. We did have a pretty funny experience this week.  A drunk guy walked into one of our lessons and he started to speak English.  And that’s always funny.  And then to finish the lesson we said a prayer and I was guiding the lady in what to say, and he robbed me and she started saying what he was saying!  He said he was thankful for his mom and she said “oh you, I don’t have a mom”... and I don’t know, it was really funny.  It kind of ruined the lesson, but it was pretty funny.  So yah, things are good here.  I’m really enjoying the mission and my area.  I think I might be leaving in two weeks however. I’ve got four months here in La Jutosa, so we shall see what happens.  
As promised, a picture of our baptism from last week.
Hermana Francisca before her baptism in the river.

Love you all and keep enjoying life, ‘cause if you don’t, it sucks.
Elder Ollis

It's Really Just the Best Thing I've Ever Done


02/02/2015 - My Area, La Jutosa
Well that’s [a picture of] my area.... cool beans right?

I have no time...so nothing big again this week.... JUST THAT WE FINALLY HAD A BAPTISM!!  BOO-YAH BABY!!  We finally got to baptize Hermana Francisca, after a big scare.  So, Saturday in the morning when we went to the baptism she didn’t show up, and neither did the Branch President or a single member.  We were a little frustrated.  It turns it there was a miscommunication and she thought we were going to bring her.  But we had to go early to fill up the font and everything.  So we decided to do it Sunday morning before church.  So at seven thirty in the morning with my comp, the Branch President, the Relief Society president and two other members that came after the baptism, we baptized the hermana in the river!!  It was just a little, tiny meeting and it was awesome!!  Everything finally worked out.

I don’t really have anything more to share.  I have a cold, so I haven’t felt that hot..... but I do know I’m just really, really happy right now.  I don’t think I can describe it very well.  I’m just so glad to be here in the mission serving others.  It’s really frustrating sometimes, and takes a toll on you, but it’s really just the best thing I’ve ever done.  I honestly don’t have anything else to share... so sorry. 

I just know this is the true gospel that I get to teach.  I know that this is the only way to be truly happy in this life.  If we live the gospel we will feel its influence and the happiness and peace that comes from it, and that will let us know that it’s the truth.  So if you want to be happy, live the gospel!

Elder Ollis