Without Him We Are Lost


Well it’s another week gone by again, crazy fast.   Again I don’t have much time so I will just let you all know I’m having transfers and I’m going to San Antonio, Chamelecon.  Basically, Chamelecon is a gang run city. So we will see how that goes.  

Anyway, this week was pretty good.  This Sunday our investigator Victor came to church again.  He has been three times and that means he can get baptized.  We just need to put a date with him.  Even though I won’t be there I’m pretty happy about that.  We also were able to have three inactives come back to church, so that was pretty cool too.  I don’t really know what to write honestly. I’m kind of just shocked about these transfers. That’s where the whole faith comes in I guess.  

I just want to share a little bit about a talk I gave yesterday in church. It’s about the gospel.  As I’ve been teaching it to investigators, it really has made me think.  Something opened my eyes a bit.  We know that Jesus Christ died for us. We know that he paid the price for our sins.  We also know from the scriptures that to receive of that sacrifice, we have to follow the five steps in the gospel.  But what hit me is what happens when we don’t follow those steps.  We are subject to the demands of justice.  Which means we cannot live with God.  Really, Jesus Christ is our Savior and our Redeemer, and only through Him we can be saved.  Without Him we are lost.  My invitation is that we can remember that the sacrifice of Christ is for those who believe in him and follow him, and that we can do just that.

Elder Ollis
Elder Ollis sporting his Red, White and Blue!

That’s La Jutosa….say goodbye!

Elder Ollis went on a hike outside of La Jutosa today with some Elders in his district!  He shared a few pictures of the view!

Can't go hiking without a machete?

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