I Think This Was the Quickest Week of My Mission


Sorry guys another quick one this week... I guess I’m just really bored of writing ha ha. Anyways, I think this was the quickest week of my mission. I don’t even know what happened.  One day I was finishing p-day, and then Sunday I went to bed, and I don’t even know how that happened.  

But anyways, it was a pretty good week.  I was able to do divisions with some elders in my district and see what’s up there.  It’s really weird because my part of the area is all mountains, and their part of the area is like flat subdivison.  I feel like it would be like Kansas.  But anyways, my comp and I were able to have a pretty good week.  We got some references from members and so we have some new people to follow up and see. Unfortunately, a few of the investigators that we have had haven’t been home, or have hid from us.  So we might be dropping a few investigators.  But it’s all good, there’s more people to find!  

We also have had an investigator named Victor come to church for the past two weeks. He’s pretty difficult but he’s finally come and he seems to be getting pretty excited.  So I have hopes he will be baptized soon. We did have a pretty funny experience this week.  A drunk guy walked into one of our lessons and he started to speak English.  And that’s always funny.  And then to finish the lesson we said a prayer and I was guiding the lady in what to say, and he robbed me and she started saying what he was saying!  He said he was thankful for his mom and she said “oh you, I don’t have a mom”... and I don’t know, it was really funny.  It kind of ruined the lesson, but it was pretty funny.  So yah, things are good here.  I’m really enjoying the mission and my area.  I think I might be leaving in two weeks however. I’ve got four months here in La Jutosa, so we shall see what happens.  
As promised, a picture of our baptism from last week.
Hermana Francisca before her baptism in the river.

Love you all and keep enjoying life, ‘cause if you don’t, it sucks.
Elder Ollis

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