I Need More Than a Week to Change


Well all you people, sorry I don’t have much time... so I won’t write much this week. I don’t have much to say. Sorry, I think the letters get shorter and shorter. This week was pretty stressful... I’m still not Christlike enough. I need more than a week to change ha ha.

Just an update for the baptisms we were going to have... the two kids, Johan and Jordan... kinda  just disappeared.  They didn’t come to church this week, so I have no idea what happened to them.  The good side is that we are teaching the family of the both of them and Johan’s brother or uncle, not quite sure...came to church on Sunday.  So that’s awesome.  We are also planning on having a baptism soon for Paolo.  We have pushed it back a little because she didn’t come to church on Sunday. 

Other than that... I honestly don’t know what to say. It’s really frustrating to see how far away you are personally from being like Christ sometimes.  That’s my problem right now, and it scares me that I don’t have much time to fix all of that. But thankfully we can.  Christ died for our sins, and for all of mine too.  And I know that as I humble myself and try to do all that I can to be more like Him, He will help me out. So just got to keep on swimming because I’m not perfect yet. 

Elder Ollis
P.S. At least I got to play with a chain saw today. [Elder Ollis visited the fire station today!]

Elder Ollis always loved Big Trucks....

And Big Power Tools!

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