Just Like the Scriptures Say, Without Charity We Are Nothing


Well, this week was pretty good.  We had a multi-zone conference with President. It’s always good to learn from President.  He’s such a great person.  I wish I could be as Christlike as him.  We talked a lot about the spirit and how if we don’t have it we shouldn’t teach!  Really, the spirit is such an important tool in this work.  It’s how God can guide us as the “boss” of his work. 

We also had divisions with the assistants to the President and that helped my comp and I a lot.  We learned a few things about bettering our companionship.  I also came out of that experience a bit humbled.  I guess I haven’t developed patience enough yet. ha ha.  So I’ll be working on that one.  

As for the work.... the area is awesome!  There’s a ton of work to do.  I feel like we could work a bit more efficiently and we are going to get to that little by little.  But we had a ton of people come to church on their own on Sunday and everything.  So that’s something I’m happy about, that we have work.  Unfortunately the two baptisms we were supposed to have this Saturday, two kids named Johan (14) and Jordan (13), didn’t get baptized.  We were sitting filling the font and Jordan called and said that Johan didn’t feel ready and that he didn’t want to get baptized alone.  So I guess we are going to have to wait on that one.  We are going to try and prepare them a little better and see what’s up.  We also have another lady named Paolo who is preparing for the 13th.  So things are good!

I guess more than anything, I came out of this week reflecting on how I’m doing personally.  I was a humbled a bit this week more than once.  I guess I’m just not perfect yet….ha ha.  Something I really am going to try and develop is more love and patience.  I try to work hard and do everything perfect, but that’s for me more than anything.  And I think maybe I worry too much about that stuff, and not really loving people and caring about them. So I guess I’m going to have to work like always, but look more at the people, what they are doing , how they feel, what they need.  I’m very far from loving as Christ did.  And I know it.  So that’s something I’ve got to work on this week.  Just like the scriptures say, without charity we are nothing.  So I’ve got work to do!

Elder Ollis
That doesn't even show the 70-80% humidity....it's hot!

Just a look at the area

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