So Nephi Was My Kind of Dude!


Well, another week down... and it’s weird because there’s not that many left.  Anyways, this week was pretty rough.  I got a cold, and it’s like 100 degrees everyday so I don’t know how that works.   But ya, so I’ve been like full of snot and coughing for the past few days. 

This week we were supposed to have a baptism of two kids but it didn’t happen because the dad didn’t come to sign the form. So that was a little bit of a disappointment.  But we are going to try and do it this Saturday.  The area is pretty good.  There’s a ton of work and we had a ton of people come to church on Sunday so I’m happy with that.  There’s always a few things we have to work out in our companionship, but that’s solvable.  I still have no idea what I’m doing as a zone leader but hey, if it’s what the Lord wants, I’ll do it! Ha ha

This week I’m still working on finishing the Book of Mormon before I get home and as I’ve been getting into Second Nefi and finishing First Nephi… I always just look in awe at Nephi.  He was such a faithful and obedient servant of the Lord.  He always had such an attitude of obedience.  He had some pretty unique challenges that the Lord gave him.  He had to leave his home and establish a new life in a whole other continent.  He had to deal with his grumbling brothers.  He had to have a lot of faith.  I always love the scripture “I will go and do.” When he broke his bow, he went and acted and because of all these things, he was blessed to know many of the mysteries of the Lord.  He saw the things that John the Revelator saw, and I’m sure even more things that aren’t written. He also went a lot into the mountains.  There’s a lot of references about how he went to pray at the tops of the mountains.  So Nephi was my kind of dude! ha ha.  I know that we all need to develop the attitude of obedience and faith that Nephi had.  Even though we have challenges, or it doesn’t seem easy to obey, we should remember what Nephi says….when the Lord gives a commandment, He has prepared the way that we can do it!  But we have to act with faith!

Elder Ollis

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