So Build on that Rock and Let the Rains Come!


Well this week was a big surprise. I got changed out of my area.  I’m no longer in San Antonio, I’m now in La Lopez in Zona Fesitranh.  I had no idea.  It was really weird because I was only three months in San Antonio.  So the Lord knows.  I guess this is my last area too.  It’s pretty cool because the ward meets in the same chapel as Cerro Verde, my second area.  So I got to see a lot of the members I already met again. I actually went on divisions with an elder to my old area and that was pretty cool. My new comp is Elder Avalos.  He’s from Mexico, and so far it’s been hit and miss with Mexicanos. ha ha. My favorite comp was a Mexican and my comp that I had for five days then we got changed was from Mexico. And he was pretty crappy, so we shall see.  They also put me as a ZL... so I have no idea what I’m doing ha ha.

This week was pretty normal for changes.... I was just meeting all the members and trying to figure out the area.  Apparently there’s a lot of people with a baptismal date.  So that’s good.  And I have Latino comp again, so my Spanish will get better again.

I don’t really have much more to say this week actually, sorry.  I started reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning again to finish it before I get home... and that’s going pretty well.  Not much else... it was just a get to know the new area week... so not much happened outside normal mission work. And I only have like five minutes left... so this is probably all.  

Just keep reading the scriptures and praying and going to church everyone! Those things help us to have the strength to keep going.  It says in Helaman that if Christ is our foundation then we cannot fall.   In third Nefi it says, that if we take the sacrament we will be founded upon the rock of Christ.  And we all know the primary song…. the man who built his house on the rock didn’t fall when the rains came.  So build on that rock and let the rains come!

Elder Ollis

05/12/2015 - "I'm not going to lie, I cried when I said goodbye to this guy."
Elder Ollis with Brother Chema

05/11/2015 - Elder Ollis with recent comp, Elder Harris

05/11/2015 - Elder Ollis being....well, just Elder Ollis

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