So I Can Feel and Know that the Lord Accepts My Sacrifice


Well, week after week is going by and here I am trying to think about what to write.  This week was pretty normal.  The one awesome thing that happened this week was a cold front blew in and we had about four or five days of overcast rainy weather and I felt like it was fall.  It was a little weird.  But I’m not complaining, it was awesome to not be sweating my brains out.  So that was a big blessing!

Anyways, the work is going along.  We are in a bit of a hole and I’m really hoping the Lord will help us out because we aren’t going to be able to get this one done alone.  We have six investigators that are actually kinda progressing and the problem is that they ALL have to get married.  And some of them have to get divorced from their other wife too..... so we are in for a hard ride. I just hope these people have the faith and desire to follow these things.  Because if they do [have a desire] then they will try to do what needs to be done. So that’s our current dilemma.  

Just a little funny experience we had, we were contacting  and the lady we were contacting wasn’t interested, and some guy walked behind us and she was like “he doesn’t go to any church, talk to him.”  And he was says, “more like I would teach them.” It made me kinda laugh and get ticked a little too. Ha ha

Just wanted to share an experience that I had this week.  I was reading a little bit about the atonement of Jesus Christ in a book that talked about the life of the Savior and the Apostles.  It talked about how Christ said, “it is finished” when he knew his father had accepted his sacrifice.  Now I’m getting towards the end of the mission and it’s one of my greatest desires to feel and know that the Lord accepts what I have done for the past two years.  And something came to me.  Christ suffered more than we can understand or know.  He gave his all to sacrifice himself for our sins.  He gave his own life.  And I thought that if Christ had to give all of that, and I don’t even understand the level of suffering required, so that God would accept his sacrifice, I thought that I need to give more too.  I need to give my whole heart, might, mind and strength, at all times so that the Lord will accept my little sacrifice.  So that’s been something I’m trying to improve in, is focusing my mind on this work, my heart on this work and the people, my might and strength to serving others and working hard, so that I can feel and know that the Lord accepts my sacrifice.  

So not much more to say this week, and I will see you all (family) on Saturday! Whooooo!

Elder Ollis

05/04/2015 - P-Day at Lake Lojoa

05/04/2015 - Elder Ollis with companion on the right, and two other Elders on the left.

05/04/2015 - A member gave Elder Ollis a Honduran Military Police Uniform

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