We Need Las Vegas Style Weddings....Cheap and Fast!


Well, I’ve got twenty minutes to whip this letter out.  Let’s see how it goes. As usual it’s unbelievably hot this week.  This week was the week when the earth passes closest to the sun or something like that.  I’m not lying, the sun touches you and you just feel the UV rays burning into your skin. It’s unreal. Oh ya, and this week there was a wildfire like across the freeway right where we live. So smoky and really hot....anyways I won’t keep complaining because I can’t change it.

This week was pretty good because we had interviews with President Dester.  That man is legit. Basically, it helped me out a lot.  The mission work is going along.  We are in the stage of contacting and finding more people to teach.  Which is pretty hard... but I’ve been trying to avoid it and it doesn’t work.  So my comp and I have been trying to get it done.  We have investigators, but one of them has to get married, the other has to get married, and we found two new investigators and they have to get married. So ya, we need Las Vegas style weddings down here…cheap and fast!  We’ve also taken up helping teach an English class and it's super weird talking English to Latinos.  I only do that with my white comp.  So I hope the Lord will help us out as we work hard.  We have to do our part and then the Lord will help us. 

I think I’ve already shared this before... but in the mission I have had the chance to understand a bit more about how Jesus felt about the people.  It’s really frustrating to go knock on doors... or yell from outside to them because that’s what we do.  It happens a lot that we testify of how this is the gospel that will help the people come back to God, and it’s the only way.  And they just reject it.  It’s really sad to see the people just say no to what will help them, and be so confused about what is right.  But the only thing I can do is testify of the truth.  It makes me understand how Jesus felt through much of his personal ministry on the earth, how frustrating it is. But my president told me to study the Savior’s atonement to help me know how to finish strong in the mission.  He was the perfect example of how to endure to the end and I’ll just have to try to be like him the best I can. 

Well, that’s it this week. Oh ya, this p-day we went iguana hunting and finally got one!  We also had two cats fighting on our porch the other night. They were hitting our door and everything, all tangled up in a ball. I was dying of laughter. Anyways, love you all.  Have a good week and stay cool.

Elder Ollis

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