I Was Really Happy!


Hello yet again, I’m still alive, but this week was a killer.  It was so hot I thought I was going to die. The other day it got to 105, and I know that’s hot... but then add 80 percent humidity.  And then add smoke in the air that’s blowing in from Nicaragua and add more smoke from a wildfire that was burning on the other side of the freeway.  It’s like Utah air in the winter, so that has been a really big frustration. But anyways, as for the work here things are going along well.  My comp and I are at the point where we have to find some new investigators.  And that’s always the hardest part, so we are trying to do that. Our investigator Javier didn’t come to church on Sunday, which is a disappointment.  But it is what it is. We have an appointment with him today so we will see what happens, but he has been reading and everything.  We also had an investigator who hadn’t been really progressing come to church on Sunday named Jorge.  He hasn’t seemed really interested but my comp and I were trying to figure out what we should do with him and I told him that we are going to pass by Sunday morning to bring him to church.  If he didn’t go we were going to drop him.  But he came.  

So not much excitement for the week, but Sunday was pretty awesome. Our recent convert, Chema, passed the sacrament for the first time!  I was super excited!  I didn’t know they would call him to do it and we hadn’t even explained anything. But he accepted and went and did it anyway.  He messed up a bit but all the members were willing to help him and tell him where to go so it all worked out.  He’s 83 years old and passes the sacrament!  I was really happy!

So I don’t really have much else to write honestly.  I just hope I can keep working hard and keep spreading the gospel to everyone, even though I really don’t like to contact.  It’s really sad to do it sometimes. You go and testify of the truth and the people just flat out reject you and say they aren’t interested. And I want to say, “just accept it, it’s for your own good and it’s the only way you’re going to get saved.”  But I can’t.  They have to choose.  It’s kind of a little like what Heavenly Father has to do with us.  He sees all we do and I’m sure it pains him to see us do dumb things that we know aren’t good or that will hurt us.  And he can’t do anything about it.  We have our agency and we choose. But as we obey, Heavenly Father will feel happy for us and He will be able to bless us.

Love, Elder Ollis

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