I Love Christ and What He Has Done for Me


Well another week has come and gone.  This week was pretty good.  I had an interview with President, which is always a great opportunity.  He is seriously one of the most Christ like people I’ve ever met.  We also had a meeting with all the leadership of the mission.  It’s funny, because last week I mentioned that I’m not like Christ yet, and the leadership meeting was about being a Christ like leader.  So I was able to learn a few things.  Good stuff.

As for the work in our area... it’s going along.  We have some promise.  There’s a few people that have shown some interest.  As for baptisms... well, the people we had with fecha [dates] aren’t completing their commitments. So it looks we won’t be having a baptism this week. A little frustrating... but I can’t do much about that.  Just keep inviting them.

This week we also have a stake activity planned.  It’s going to be a mini-MTC  with the youth of the stake. We are going to do a few workshops and teach them some of the stuff from Preach My Gospel and have study time and everything.  And then we are going to do divisions and work with them.  So I’m pretty excited about that. 

In my reading of the Book of Mormon I’ve been doing... I just passed through the sermon of Abinadi to King Noah and his priests.  These chapters are really awesome.  He talks a lot about Christ and that only through him can we be saved and inherit eternal life.  He mentions about those who will be resurrected in the first resurrection and those who are the posterity of Christ.  He also talks about how blessed the people are that preach the gospel. I really like these chapters and the way he talked about Christ.  He truly is our Savior and our only hope.  Without Him we are lost.  I cannot express how much I have enjoyed being able to teach the people about this gospel.  I know the Lord has blessed me in this whole journey, and I know that preaching about the Savior is something that brings true happiness.  I love Christ and what He has done for me.  It is one of my greatest desires to live worthily to be able to come into His presence for eternity.  And the only way, is through the principles of the gospel.  That’s why it’s so important for all these people here in Honduras.  So go read that part of the Book of Mormon, it’s awesome!

Elder Ollis

06/14/2015 - Elder Ollis with Jonathon, the "golden investigator"  (See May 26, 2014 post)
06/11/2015 - Just a regular day in Honduras

06/15/2015 - P-day fun playing Basketball....jammed thumb

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