The Blessings We Receive Are Like a Leaky Faucet


Well I hope you all have had a pretty good week this week.  Mine was pretty wild.  This week it rained a ton.  So that means that I walked around completely soaked, like water in my boots soaked. It’s really amazing to see the rain here in Honduras, because when it rains, it rains hard.  So my agenda got completely soaked through.  Thank goodness for plastic bags to protect the scriptures. 

Oh, and I have a theory…. the Mormon world is really small.  It’s funny, because this week we went on divisions and I went to an area called the Almendros.  We went to a ladie’s house and I walked in and she said she knew me and I was completely clueless.  But then she was like, the Familia Vilorio from Cerro Verde and then I remembered.  In Cerro Verde, one of my old areas, there was a family that we sometimes visited on Sundays and they had family over every time.  She was there and remembered me.  It was funny because her brother also found me in Rio Lindo one time too.  So, it really is a small world, ha ha.

Well this week, I have no idea what to write.  So it’s not much, and obviously since it’s almost Thanksgiving, I should probably write something to that subject.  I won’t be doing much different that day, since it’s non-existent here.  But I’m sure you all will enjoy your pie and turkeys.  But I just wanted to take the time to remind everyone of how blessed they really are.  I can honestly tell you all from my experiences here, that the United States is truly a blessed land.  I know I have been blessed a ton in my own life.  The opportunity that I’ve had to come to Honduras and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ has changed me and helped me learn so many things, and that is the biggest blessing I have received in my life. I know that the Lord is blessing each one of us every day because He loves us.  I always explain this concept to investigators as the blessings we receive are like a leaky faucet.  God will always give us blessings and it’s like the faucet dripping water every once in a while.  But the even more wonderful part is when we are obedient. When we are obedient, the faucet gets opened up, the blessings come more frequently and they are bigger.  We always should have an attitude of gratitude, because the Lord blesses us more than we know.  But as we are more obedient, we receive even more of these blessings that the Lord wants for us. 

Love you all and have a happy turkey day!
Elder Ollis

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