These Boots are Made for Teaching


Welllll, hello all you wonderful children of God! It’s been a pretty long week, because it’s been raining for three days.  So that kinda hasn’t been the best.  It’s hard to dry clothes with a ton of humidity and no sun and rain. So, ya my clothes are molding.  (ha ha.)  But it’s been a good week because I bought some new boots! And they are awesome. Steel toed, and I’m pretty sure they are going to last the rest of my mission.  

Well the work has been getting along here in La Jutosa.  Yesterday was a little frustrating because again, we didn’t have anyone in church.  And then halfway through sacrament meeting (with only 25 people again), a lady showed up.  It was a lady we contacted in the door the other day, and invited to church.  She said she would come, and I hear that a lot, so I didn’t really pay any attention.  I honestly had no idea who it was that walked in. Then I realized it was that lady and I was super surprised.  So it turns out she stayed there almost all of church.  Her son she brought, threw up in the middle of class and so she took him home and came back. So a little miracle that I was not expecting. 

I don’t really have much time or much to say this week, but I did find a good quote by President Uchtdorf in a really old Liahona. (I found one from 1998 in the house the other day. The people were so ugly back then.) Dice.. en Español ¨no parece tonto arruinar experiencias dulces y gozosos por estar constantemente previendo el momento en que terminaran,” or in English ¨doesn’t it seem silly to ruin sweet and joyful experiences by constantly looking forward to the moment when we will finish...¨  I guess this goes along the lines of my good old dad’s wise words of “joy in the journey.”  In life we all have challenges, and some of them are different then others.  But every single one of those challenges can help us to grow in some way.  Sometimes, the challenges are results of our sins, or maybe just tests from God to help us learn, but we will always grow through each one.  But if we sit and wait for the end, then it will be painful, and I’m pretty sure no one in their right mind enjoys pain.  
One of my joyful moments in many frustrations I’ve had, is the la pulperia by our house sells snickers bars really cheap, and that makes me happy. I know that we all have joyful moments each day. We are guaranteed at least two…our personal prayers.  I know that as we take time to see the joy in the journey or the sweet moments in each day, we will find that God really does love us more than we know, and when we understand and feel of His love, then everything is much easier. 

Love you all, Elder Ollis

And another joyful thing is…my new boots!

This is the Branch President and his family in Rio Lindo .  His wife has a daughter that lives here in La Jutosa that is inactive. We were talking before I left and she said, "who knows, you could go to La Jutosa."  And I was like, nah.... and now I'm here.  The Branch President's wife was with her daughter the other day in La Jutosa and we talked and shared a message with her daughter. Small World!

This is Obidio.  He is the guy that rejected 10,000 lempiras (about $469 US dollars) to keep listening to the gospel.  (see Elder Ollis’ post from 09/29/14 for details).  

Vallery Fuentes (on the right), one my baptisms from Rio Lindo.  She wants to serve a mission.  Her mom didn't get baptized but I hope it will come. 

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