As We Obey, We Will Be Protected and Blessed


Ok, well here goes another week and its pretty normal I guess.  Unfortunately we still didn’t have an investigator come to church this week.  We had one, but it was some guy that his mom makes him come and he’s not really interested.  So I don’t really know.  

But funny story, so my last area was in Rio Lindo. We always ate dinner with the Branch President on Mondays and his wife mentioned a few times that she had a daughter that lives in La Jutosa.  It was super funny because when I was getting ready to leave Rio Lindo I went to say goodbye and as I was leaving she told me, “Who knows, maybe you’ll go to La Jutosa.”  And golly jee here I am.  So that was really weird and now I’m here and we were able to find her daughter here.  Actually we found her because the Branch President’s wife from Rio Lindo was visiting and I saw her and we stopped by and shared a message. She told me I had a mission here in La Jutosa so we kept visiting the family which is her daughter, and her husband and their two kids.  They have been sealed in the temple and everything, and now they are inactive.  They didn’t go to church the other Sunday, but we have been visiting them and we told them this Sunday that we would stop by in the morning at seven thirty to bring them to church.  It was awesome because as we were walking to go get them, the husband calls us and says, “hey, we are on our way to church.”  I was pretty happy!  That was basically the highlight of my week.  We were able to get this inactive family for two years to come to church!  They are a strong family to help the branch out.  

So I don’t really have much more to say, but that was a cool event from my week.  It always makes me sad to see people like that go inactive, people that have been sealed and everything.  It just makes me think about the importance of the small and simple things like reading the scriptures, praying and going to church. And more important than anything, obedience.  As we obey, we will be protected and blessed.  I know that as we obey we will be able to avoid many of the problems we have in this life.  

So let’s obey, okay...
Elder Ollis

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