We Are To Be Our Own Agents and That Requires Work


Well hello everyone! Just want to let you all know that there are UNDER 40 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!  So yah, that’s awesome.   It’s actually kind of cold here in the morning and it’s probably not colder than 60 degrees.  So I’m going to die when its actually cold and there’s snow in my life again.

Anyways... this week was pretty normal again.  We did have an investigator in church this week so that was good. His name is Juan Carlos. He’s a fourteen year old kid and he’s a really good kid.  He likes our visits and everything, but unfortunately he’s got a pretty bad friend group, and that’s a real bad influence.  But we have a baptismal date with him for the 6th of December so I’m really hoping that he can get baptized.  

It’s a little frustrating right now.  We have lots of people that are nice and listen but we don’t really know if they are completely interested and will keep their commitments.  It’s always hard to decide when to stop visiting someone, or keep trying to help them keep their commitments. We quit visiting a few people the past few weeks, and that’s always a little frustrating.  So we just have to rely on the spirit to testify of our words and change people’s hearts and let him guide us to the people that have been prepared by the Lord.  

I just wanted to share another cool quote I heard in a priesthood meeting we had. ¨El que quere llegar, busca el camino, el que no quere llegar, busca excusa.¨ or in English, “he who wants to achieve finds the way, he who doesn’t want to achieve finds excuses.”  I like this quote because it’s something that my dad always taught me…the concept of work.  Work is honestly something I like to do.  I really do, and it’s something that is required of us.  We are to be our own agents and that requires work.  Every single one of us has different lives, but I know that when we work hard, we will be much better off.  We will be blessed even more when we work hard in service to God or others because it’s the same thing.  As we keep working hard, enduring to the end diligently, we will be blessed, because without working hard until the end, enduring diligently, we can’t return with God.  It’s funny because the thing the prophets and the apostles are really focusing on is the work of salvation.  This is the most important work there is and if we participate, we receive more blessings than any other work.  So let’s all participate in the work of salvation and put forth all our efforts and receive the blessings. 

Love you all, Elder Ollis 

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