I'm Always Looking for the Little Things


Well another week passed by. I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving because I didn’t even realize it was Thanksgiving in the morning. And I did absolutely nothing for Thanksgiving….ha ha.  But that’s life, the next one I’ll be home... weird thought. Anyways, its been a pretty long week.  It’s been raining on and off for about five days, which means that we don’t get water.  So basically we haven’t had running water for like five or six days.  And I haven’t showered in three days either.  Honduras problems.  So other than the fact that I stink, it’s been pretty normal. 

We had a cool experience this week, I guess a little miracle, or at least something I’m grateful for.  So we have an investigator that we met.  We met him and helped him carry a bunch of Pepsi bottles to his house and he was friendly.  He’s a violinist too, which is pretty cool.  So we’ve been talking to him for a few weeks, and he wasn’t really paying attention to our messages as most of the Hondureños do.  That’s a big challenge by the way, getting people to pay attention.  They love listening to the word of God but they kinda just zone out and sit and stare at you.  But anyway, he just started paying attention and really listening and is turning out to be a pretty good investigator.  He still hasn’t gone to church but... little steps.  The other problem we had was that we were pretty sure he wasn’t married. We didn’t remember if he had told us he was married to another lady who he didn’t live with now.  And that’s like the worst nightmare, because to pay for a divorce is so expensive, it’s basically impossible. And then he would have to get married again too, divorce his old wife, and remarry.  But it turns out he was married, but only for seven months and his wife paid for a divorce and everything.  So basically we just have to get him and his wife married and the best part is he has almost all the papers he needs to get married already!  So it was a little blessing I guess.  Nothing much, but we are lacking in people that want to listen, and having people progressing to baptism so I’m always looking for the little things.

So anyways I hope you all have a great week and enjoy this Christmas season, because now it’s December and there’s like 24 days till Christmas! Remember why we celebrate this time of year, and remember that our goal is to be like Him.  Love you all and keep working hard, and I’ll try and write more interesting letters in the next few weeks, ha ha, sorry bout it.

Elder Ollis

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