Hearing and Seeing Is Believing!

12/24/2013 - (post made by Elder Ollis' mom)

Elder Ollis Christmas Eve 2013

Hearing and Seeing really is believing!  

We were privileged to visit with Elder Ollis via skype on Christmas Eve day.  He traveled to the "city" and was at a local Internet Cafe where we had a wonderful visit.  And being able to see him and hear his voice was a wonderful Christmas gift!  

Elder Ollis shared wonderful testimony of the things he is experiencing in Honduras and was very honest about the struggles and challenges of his mission.  However, he also shared some wonderful stories of people and experiences that have changed his life forever.  He is learning and growing in the language and culture, but especially in the gospel he was called to share.  He expressed his feelings of gratitude for the experiences he is having and for the gospel.  We received some great counsel and insight from him and cherished every moment spent talking with him.

Elder Ollis and Mario
It was also apparent that some things never really change.  As we were talking, a little boy started to appear in the left of the screen.  We asked who it was and Elder Ollis replied, "I have no idea.  This is Honduras."  He leaned over and conversed with him and returned to the screen by introducing "Mario" who wanted to say hello.  He scooted over next to Elder Ollis and waved hello.  He was then glued to his side and listened intently to what we were saying.  Typical Elder Ollis.....the "kid magnet"

We were also able to talk to his companion, Elder Reyes, for a few minutes and he shared his love and appreciation for Elder Ollis as well.  Elder Ollis asked for us to express his gratitude to all those who have sent letters and emails, "they are the things that keep him going."

We love you all and appreciate your love and prayers!  Best wishes for a wonderful new year!

Love, Tom and Leslie and family

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