I Love Christmas And What It Represents!


Hola everyone! I don’t have a lot of time today, so I just want to talk about Christmas a little bit.  I love Christmas a ton and I think I love it even more in the mission.  It is very hard not being home with family and snow and a warm home (well its plenty warm here), but this is a new perspective on Christmas for me. As missionaries, we are called as representatives of Jesus Christ, and this holiday we celebrate His coming to the earth, so it should be very special to us.  We also don’t have snow, and it’s ninety degrees, so everything is really different! But I love Christmas and what it represents! How joyous this season is, as we celebrate the birth of our Savior.  How exciting it is to remember that He came to the world to save us from our sins. His whole life was an example for us:  his humble beginnings, his gracious acts and teachings, and eventually his sacrifice and death for our sins are all an example for us, and they were a gift as well.  

I’m so thankful for His example and gifts.  I hope the gifts we give and receive this Christmas will be a little different this year.  I’m so glad that He came to this earth and organized His church, and that we have it on the earth today.  I’m thankful that I can be a part of it and teach it to other people for two years. I’m thankful for His sacrifice that allows us to gain eternal life and live with our Father in Heaven again. I’m so thankful that because He suffered for my pains and sorrows, when I’m suffering or in despair, I can think that He knows what I’m feeling. I’m so thankful that because He paid the price of my sins, I can be forgiven of all of the things I may do wrong when I repent and strive to be better.  I can’t quite describe it the way I want to.  It sounds much better in my brain, but it’s just such a blessing to me to know that Christ lives, that He loves each of us.  I know that He came to this earth and lived his life for us. His whole purpose for living was to save us from our sins.  How merciful it is that He came to earth and in every possible way served us. His life was completely selfless, a total example of love that we can’t fully comprehend. We can only understand so much, and as we are able to understand the full effect of His life and Atonement after this life, I’m sure we will be even more grateful.  I know He lives and that He will come again, and I hope to be prepared when that day comes, that He can look at me and say that He is pleased with me.  I hope to be able to serve Him and this church for my life.  I love it so much.   Merry Christmas everyone!  I love you all, and miss you all!

Love, Elder Ollis

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