As We Get Discouraged, We Lose Faith


…As for Christmas here, it’s nothing like in the states.  People here in my area are really poor, so it’s not like presents and stuff.  Really it’s a whole lot of eating.  Tamales are pretty much like Christmas ham.  And I’ve heard that people are crazy with fireworks and stuff, so who knows. I don’t really need anything.  Things are all good.  Just wish I could come home for Christmas day or something.

Things with my companion are alright, just with six weeks, things start to get a little unstable.  But I need to be patient, and look for ways to help him out and show that I’m his companion.  Because we are companions till February! ….. The language is hard. I feel like I’m stalling, and I get frustrated when my companion corrects me, but I need to be more humble and just trust that the Lord will let the people know what I’m trying to say.  Faith is something that is very hard for me.  I feel like we don’t have people to teach a lot and it’s hard to have faith that we will find people that want to listen.  I don’t like finding new people because I still don’t understand a lot and I can’t talk that well, and no one wants to listen.  But I know its necessary and that there are people that are ready to hear the gospel.  That is why it’s so critical to have the spirit with us as a guide.  …I was frustrated the other day because I couldn’t talk well, the people didn’t want to listen to us, and I felt like I was having a hard time feeling and recognizing the spirit.  But I read something encouraging in Preach My Gospel. It said that we can’t get discouraged, because as we get discouraged, we lose faith. As we lower our expectations, our productivity decreases and we have a hard time feeling the spirit.  Having faith and feeling and recognizing the spirit are things that are really hard for me and I’m learning how here in the mission.  I know they are important. I’m so glad that we have the spirit as a guide.

This week we had a really awesome thing happen.  The couple that has been waiting to get baptized finally got the money to get married and we might have their baptism this week! I’m super happy for them, and I know that they have that money because of their righteous desire to get baptized.  It’s hard to understand why it took so long, but all things are in the Lord’s time.

…But I love you guys and I miss you a ton, especially this Christmas season! But I’m loving the mission still and I’m going to try and smile more and be happy.  And have more faith that people will listen, and try and listen more for the spirit.  I’m realizing how slow the mission is, not in a bad way.  In a way, we sometimes get caught up in running around and teaching, and we just need to take a minute and listen for the spirit.  During lessons, in the street, in all places.  That’s something I want to try to do better; just slow down and listen.  But anyways, I love you all! Sorry for the short letter! Talk to you soon!

Elder Ollis

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