I Love the Mission!


This week was a pretty good week.  I had my ingrown toenail removed Tuesday and I couldn’t walk outside because it was pouring and I couldn’t get my toe wet or muddy.  So that was a little frustrating, but it is what it is.  It’s healing now and it doesn’t hurt to walk anymore so that’s always a bonus.  This week the weather has been awesome.  It’s rained a couple days and has been rather cold for Honduras.  I even had to break out the raincoat once in the morning because I was so cold.  So that was pretty awesome.  But the most amazing thing this week was we had another person that was prepared to hear us!

My companion and I were walking back to our house after lunch with a member and we stopped a mototaxi.  I had ridden with the driver before and didn’t have a very high opinion of him I won’t lie.  The first time I met him he had yelled at a homeless man that walks around the area and harassed him.  But this time he was very calm.  He asked us a few questions about the church and my companion shared that the church helps people.  He mentioned that he needed an operation on his leg. We said we would love to come and visit and he said sure.   I remember thinking that maybe he would listen to us so we would pay for his operation. He said he would show us his house as we drove to our house.  Well, he showed us and then he drove us to his gate and we went inside and taught a lesson. It was definitely unexpected, and our first lesson was the Word of Wisdom.  So it was definitely a surprising experience. But they were very kind and open and we have a return visit with them, and I have hope for this family.  They are even married! That takes care of pretty much the biggest problem with teaching families.  I know they were prepared by the Lord.  

I’m so grateful that the Lord is allowing me to have these experiences and that I can see His hand in this work.  Things are getting better here in the branch also.  We had members in our lessons a lot this week and we even had a branch council meeting yesterday in church.  The branch has set some goals for the missionary work in the area and they have taken more of the responsibility on themselves.  That is something I’ve been waiting for.  It makes me a little sad though, because I may be leaving the area in February.  I know as I strive to be obedient and worthy and ready to have the spirit as a guide in the day, the Lord will bless us with more people to teach. 

Just on another note, today just happens to be the five-month mark for me.  Wow! I honestly haven’t felt these five months.  Thinking back to before the mission, time seemed to go so slow.  The school year was forever, and my sister said that she’s halfway done with school already.  My brother is almost finished with wrestling season and I always felt that wrestling season was so long. Wow, what a rush these past five months have been.  I have learned so much.  I thought about the rest of the time I have in the mission and how fast it’s moving.  Before I know it, I’ll be back with my family. I won’t put on a black tag every morning, and I will have to worry about worldly things again.  And that’s sad.  I have loved the past five months more than anything.  I’m so grateful for the experiences I’ve had, the things I’ve learned and the testimony I’ve gained.  I know as I’ve seen how fast the mission goes, I want to work harder, to be more obedient, to be the best missionary I can be everyday, because its going by incredibly fast and I don’t want to waste it.  It’s not fair, ha ha. I know I’m going to put in more effort to do those things. But I love this gospel and I know the things I’ve learned have changed my life. Before the mission, the gospel was a lot of confusion in my head, and now it couldn’t be more simple.  The scriptures are amazing.  I love them.  They truly are the word of God.  I know every time I read them I can learn and grow.  I’ll often read and think to myself, that verse was not there the last time I read this book.  There’s no way I could miss something this profound.  But it’s true.  The scriptures constantly have new meaning in my life and I’m so grateful for the power they possess.  I’m so grateful for the prophet and the apostles as well.  I know they are called of God.  They are such examples to me and I’m so glad that I get the chance to be a special witness of Jesus Christ just like them.  I know as we heed their words, our lives will be so much better. During my language study I’ve started studying the Liahona with the past conference addresses because I didn’t understand anything in October, ha ha.  I’m so very grateful for this gospel I can’t even begin to explain how much.  That’s all for me this week!
Elder Ollis

In a separate letter to mom:  I’m just going to answer mom’s questions….  We went to a clinic with the mission nurse and they numbed my toe, took forceps and pulled the whole infected part up and out of my skin and cut it out.  They only removed half of my toenail. I promise, it was a nice clinic. Thomas has pictures.  It was a little painful the day of and after, but I rested the day after and it’s healing now. I’m wearing shoes and no pain meds or anything. The problem may be my shoes.  I’m looking to buy some boots with round toes soon.  Also, the sole of one of my shoes has a hole.  I’m really happy about that!

Just an update on the sister we found last week, her husband came back.  She didn’t come to church this week. She said she felt like she was at the first day of school last week at church.  But she wants to go to a Relief Society activity and her husband has expressed interest in reading the Book of Mormon.  So I think we will be able to work with them a lot!

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