Members and Missionaries Together


Well family and friends, it was a pretty long week.  Honduras just went into summer this week too. It’s been really hot…really hot.  But that’s life here.  I hear you all are freezing.  Anyways, I don’t have much this week.

This week we had a mission conference with Elder Ochoa. It was pretty cool.  He talked about some things that we should do as a mission.  That we need to follow the spirit more to find the people that the Lord has prepared. He also talked about how we should be planning weekly goals, not just monthly goals. We should be planning to have baptisms each week.  So it was pretty motivating.  I guess I really need to start focusing on the spirit more to find those people the Lord is preparing.  I’m also really excited because we are going to have a meeting with Elder Nelson!  An apostle is coming in two weeks!  So super stoked!

My comp and I don’t really have much to work with right now.  The elder that I came for, didn’t really do much. So we fasted and went to the meeting with Elder Ochoa hoping to receive a bit of inspiration as to what we should do as missionaries.  He’s in the presidency of the area of Central America, and they have been trying to put the members to work in the mission[ary] work here.  So we came up with a plan, following the area plan and what we learned from the mission conference, and made some goals about what we want to do here.  We want to put the members to work, and we have been passing around a form for them to fill out with names of people that they will prepare for the missionaries.  Using that form, we will get more people to teach and prepare ourselves to have baptisms each week in the next change.  

I honestly have felt and know that the area plan that the area presidency is putting into practice here is inspired. I feel that if the members have a desire to work, and they work with us and put in practice what the area presidency is saying, we will have a lot of success here.  It’s a big ward, and I’m excited to see what we can do. I know this plan is from God and we will receive a ton of blessings here in this area, if we follow it, members and missionaries together. So things should get pretty good.  As we say here, vamos a echar fuego!  (English translation:  Let’s take fire!)

Elder Ollis

03/02/2015 - Zone picture with Elder Ochoa and President and Sister Dester

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