And the Best of All! He Said a Perfect Prayer!


Well, hello people! I’m still alive! I think just a little bit dried up and leathery after the heat this week. It was a killer.... and it’s still going to get hotter.  This week begins “Semana Santa,” or basically a week where everyone goes on vacation and it’s really, really hot!  But the week ends with one of the coolest things ever…General Conference, and Easter too.  So I think it will be a really good week, even though we might not have anyone to teach, ha ha. 

This week things were good.  I’m on a mess load of pills to take care of last weeks run to the doctor’s offices. I should have to go back and have a scan thing to make sure things are good on Wednesday or something like that.

This week we did an awesome service project that involved a lot of wood and machetes and axes.  So I was pleased.  We split and cut and stacked a bunch of wood and I about sweated my brains out. It’s like when you are in the wrestling room with three sweatshirts on to lose weight and you’re completely soaked in sweat, except I was in a t-shirt and pants.  So afterwards I was dead.  And then we fasted the next day... so I was pretty dead that day.  But the Lord blessed us with rain to cool us off the past two days.  So it’s been nice.

As for the investigators, we had a lot of appointments fall this week, but as always, Hermano Chema has come through!  He went to church yet again this week.  We’ve been reviewing lessons to prepare him for his baptismal interview and he’s remembering what he needs to.  He even went to church in a white shirt yesterday.  And the best of all!  He said a perfect prayer!  He’d always end in the name of the father and the spirit and something else like that, but he finally did it right!

La hermana Bertha didn’t come to church this Sunday, and I honestly don’t know why.  She still has to get married... so we will see what happens with that.  We were also able to find a few men that were legitly interested in our message.  One of them actually contacted us as we were buying dinner.  So we were able to get a few solid people to teach the gospel to. 

Also this morning, I heard something that really made me happy.  We were talking to our cocinera (our cook), and she said she backed us up in ward council.  She told us that she told everyone in council meeting that we walk and work our tails off, and she said that the council is fasting for us.  Her son had gone with us one day to visit and all the appointments fell and we walked a ton.  He told her about it.  So it’s good to know the ward is backing us up.  We also had a presentation on the area plan that will help members participate more in the work and the members seemed to like it.  So now they all know and we are going to help them out and I hope the work will grow! 

So not much else, love you all, keep working hard, and I’ll do the same!
Elder Ollis

A view from our hike to the Rock of Merendon

Reunited with Elder Moeno, my MTC Companion!

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