He Said I Looked Like Joseph Smith


Well, hello everyone! This was a hot week as usual, and for more than one reason.  I think I’m finally realizing to distinguish the gangsters from the normal people in my area.  Also gunshots were heard up the street last night. 

But in more important news, we finally have an investigator with a baptismal date! We were able to contact a reference of a really evangelical lady, and it was her uncle.  It turns out it’s some really interested old man.  He can’t read or write, but we taught him about the plan of salvation.  The first lesson and he was telling us he knows what he’s missing.  So we challenged him to baptism for the 28th and he said he would.  He even came to church on Sunday and they talked about tithing in sacrament meeting.  He said he wanted to pay tithing after the meeting, so he paid tithing too!  He doesn’t understand a lot but he is really interested. 

We also had another investigator come to church yesterday that we didn’t even think would come.  So I think things are starting to progress. We learned from Elder Ochoa that we have to be clear with the people.  As we’ve been doing that, we’ve found some people who appear interested.  So we just have to follow up with them and work hard.  The members are still pretty apprehensive about the missionary work, but we are going to keep pumping them up.  Things are looking pretty good. We should be having some success in a few weeks. 

I’m just really excited because we are going to have a meeting with four general authorities this Saturday, Elder Anderson and a few others.  I don’t remember all of them but it will be pretty crazy.  I hope to learn a few things from an apostle. It should be exciting!

Also a funny experience this week, the patriarch of the stake is in my ward right now.  And he totally said I looked like Joseph Smith in his testimony at fast and testimony meeting on Sunday.  Ha ha! It’s not true, but hey...  So things are good, just have to keep working hard and the results will come with faith and patience!

Love ya all, Elder Ollis

"The Best Mission in the World"
03/09/2015 - Recent Mission Leadership Conference
"The Best Mission in the World"
San Pedro Sula Oeste

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