As We Try to Be Like Him, We Should Try to Love Like Him


Well not much time again today, just wanted to share a bit of the things I learned from conference.  And I forgot my notes so it’s probably not much (ha ha), but it was a great conference.  It was cool to listen to the Spanish speakers but the rest I didn’t really like (ha ha).  But anyway... I had gone in to this conference with some questions or things I wanted to better in myself.  I had been thinking a lot before the conference, about how I need to love others more like Jesus Christ.  And sure enough they talked about that.  I was able to note some things I could try and put in practice, so I was able to learn some things.  I know I’m excited to get the talks and read them again in the Liahona.  But that is my theme basically: the love of Christ, also known as charity.

I love how Moroni puts it, that without charity we are nothing.  I know that charity is something that sometimes I lack.  And so I have to change it or I’m nothing, basically.  No, but it’s really hard for me to understand how much Christ loved us.  That is why he died for us.  I know that as we try to be like Him, we should try to love like Him more than anything. As we love him, we will keep his commandments and everything else just falls into place.  We will be willing to love others too, because that’s one of his commandments; as Christ taught the two great commandments, love God and love thy neighbor. As we love God, we will be willing to follow Him, and also to love others.  I hope we can all try to be like the Savior as we learned in conference, and that we can always remember these two commandments: to love God, and love our neighbors.  

Love, Elder Ollis

PS I attached a picture of a waterfall. 


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