So I Thought, I Will Go Contact It


This is my last week here in Rio Lindo.  I will have changes this Wednesday.  It’s been quite a few months here. I didn’t have that much success in baptisms in this area, but I learned a lot.  This area was a time for me to rethink my mission and do things differently, and I was able to improve a lot as a missionary.  It was a more personal learning experience I had for the four months I’ve been here in this area.  I’m excited to see what will happen in this change, and to see where I will go.  As always, I’ll go where the Lord wants.  It’s always difficult to have changes, but it’s what the Lord wants.  The Lord is guiding an inspired president, as to what He wants for His work here, and it’s always our best move to follow what the president says. 

…I’m just thankful for the things I’ve learned here in this area.  I did have a cool experience the other day, just thinking back a bit.  I don’t even remember what I was doing, but I was thinking about contacting, or something like that, and I had the picture of a certain house come into my mind.  So I thought, I will go contact it.  The next time we passed, we went and contacted there and the lady, named Sagrario, is super interested. She let us in the first visit and we taught a bit and we have had some good lessons.  She is reading the Book of Mormon and she even accepted a baptismal date for the seventh of November.  I won’t be here, but it will interesting to see what will happen. It was just kind of a different experience for me.

I also had another experience that was pretty cool. We were in a part of our area really far from everything, and we were walking to go back to the center of town. I had the thought come into my mind to contact some house. Shamefully, I got scared and didn’t do it. The next week we were in the same area waiting to catch a moto taxi and I had a thought that reminded me of the house and how I didn’t contact there. So we went and contacted it to redeem myself, and we found a guy that was gold.  He had a ton of questions that matched the theme of the restoration perfectly and was interested.

The spirit really does work in many ways, and I believe the spirit brought Sagrario’s house into my mind, and I believe that the spirit reminded me of the [other] house so we could find the other young man named Jancarlos.  If I wouldn’t have followed the second time, I don’t think we would have found Jancarlos, because he only passed there once a week and lives far away. Really this is God’s work and I’m so very glad I have the chance to take part.  I know this gospel is the truth. It is our guide to live happily. It’s been really hard to see so many people reject it here, but that is all we can do, is share it. I know it blesses our lives and if we follow the steps that God has given us, which is the gospel, then we can return with Him.  I’m so very glad I’ve had the chance to be a representative of Jesus Christ, and I know I have to keep striving to be like Him each day. I hope we can all strive to be more like our Savior.

Love, Elder Ollis

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