I Love This Gospel and It Inspires Me!


Ok, it’s been another great week and it was pretty sweet because we had two baptisms, and I got to do them in a river!  The baptisms were great!  So yah, mission accomplished.  Now I can leave my area.  Just kidding, but it was pretty cool.  One of the ladies that got baptized had to have an interview with President, but everything went fine and so there’s two new members!  Just wish I could get some priesthood for this poor little branch.  Why are men so stubborn and dumb?  ha ha.  
This week I also went to the doctor and got my rash looked at.  It’s just from the heat, so the doctor gave me some shower gel and some lotion stuff and some pills.  Then she wrote me up a bunch of other stuff for my acne because she said she didn’t want me to look ugly in the future.  So that was a big torpedo to the good old self esteem... 

But anyways, everything is going pretty good.  We had a bit of a down week with the baptism and having to go to the doctor, but that’s no excuse.  We are at the point where we have baptized all of our investigators who are progressing, and now we have people who aren’t progressing and barely anybody else to teach.  This is one of those times where we have to find people to teach... and this part is the hardest for me.  So I’m just going to dig in and get it done, because that’s all you can really do!  Like I’ve said before, I know this is the Lord’s work and I know He is preparing people.  I just hope I can be obedient and worthy enough to have the spirit to guide me. That I can hear the spirit and be brave enough to follow it, so I can find the people He is preparing, and can help them find the gospel that will bless their lives. I hope I can be a tool in Heavenly Father’s hands to do that and find the new people He is preparing.  I don’t really have much else to say. Just working hard like normal.  Everything is going good, except the fact that we don’t have power in my area still... but that’s Honduras.  We haven’t had light since yesterday night.  

So basically I’m just so glad I get to be a part of this gospel. I’m so very thankful I get to read the scriptures and have the blessings that the gospel brings in my life.  Every time I think about the scriptures and reading them, I just feel awesome and I just want to study them for hours.  And just thinking about the gospel just makes me want to be a better person and be obedient.  I don’t know how to explain it.  Honestly, that’s not how I want to explain it….I just feel so good when I think about the gospel. I feel like I want to be better and keep the commandments.  Okay, that’s it…basically, it inspires me. That’s it.  I love this gospel and it inspires me.  I hope you all can experience this.  That you can let the gospel and the church inspire you and you can have a love for it.  I know that is something I have learned in my mission and I’m so glad for the things I’ve learned here.  I love this gospel with all my heart and I know it’s true.  Love you all, and keep on keepin’ on!

Elder Ollis

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