It's Things Like That, That Make Me So Happy to be a Missionary


Well, I guess I’ll be 19 tomorrow... that’s real weird.  But another day just like normal, so nothing else there.  This week was pretty difficult.  We live in a little town that would be like Idaho in Honduras and there are some parts that are really poor. So these past few weeks, the city has been giving away free plots of land.  They’ve been having interviews or something like that, and everyone who wants one has to go each day or they won’t get any.  So basically half the town is there waiting to see if they can get free land, which includes a lot of our investigators.  So when the investigators aren’t there, we end up contacting.  But half the town is gone.... so bummer for us a bit.  So that’s been a real challenge.  

I don’t have much else to write because it was a real rough week. So I just wanted to share how much I love this gospel, even though I do that like every time ha ha.  I’m so glad I have the chance to serve in this work and to be a missionary and representative of Jesus Christ.  I’m so glad I have the chance to share this message that can bless people’s lives so much.  I’m so glad that I get to be a part of this gospel, to be a member of this, the only true church on this earth.  I’m so glad I have the chance and the knowledge that I can return with God, if I follow his commandments.  I’m so very thankful for the knowledge I have that I can be with my family, who I love so much, for the eternities. The other day, one of my converts from my last area, Jonathan, wrote me.  I had heard from my comp that he was the first counselor in the Young Men’s.  He wrote me and told me that he now had a calling and they wanted to go to the temple in Utah as a family.  It’s things like that, that make me feel so happy to be a missionary, and they help me feel like I’m doing things right. ha ha.  I’m so very thankful I met all the people that I have met and I can help them have an eternal family too.  I know that it’s only possible through the priesthood and this gospel, and that’s why I’m here to share it.  Not much else to share today and not much time.  Just know I’m happy, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to grow and progress, and to love this gospel, and of course, to share it.  Love you all!

Elder Ollis 

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