The Scriptures Really Have Power


Well here I am again.  It has rained about every day this week and its super weird.  In Honduras, when it rains, it’s like someone turns opens a flood gate up there in heaven. It pours.  Yesterday we were walking [in a street full of water] and I stepped in a hole and was almost up to my knees in water.  Super funny.  So after that it was just whatever, I’ll walk through anything now, I’m already wet.  And the thunder and lightning, wow, it’s crazy.  I thought I was going to die a few times at how close it had come to us. Everything lights up and then a second later, the whole world explodes.  It’s super awesome. 

I just wanted to share a little experience I had.  We were teaching yesterday and explaining the importance of Jesus Christ in receiving forgiveness from God.  I honestly don’t remember where I read, but I’m pretty sure it was in 2 nefi, verse five or something that talks about the importance of letting everyone know that it’s only through the holy Mesias that we can return with God. Sometime along in the lesson, I had a little inspiration to read in John, and I still don’t remember where, sorry, but it’s where Jesus says he’s the way and the light and the truth and that only through him can we return to the Father.  But it was a really cool experience to receive a little bit of inspiration, and to be able to use the Book of Mormon and the Bible to teach together, they basically taught the same thing really clearly.  The scriptures really have power, and they really are for our benefit.  It’s only through Jesus Christ that we can return to live with God.  He suffered all of the price for our sins, and through him we can receive forgiveness. 

And just one other thing.. I guess I need to be more positive and happy, because I think about half of everyone that wrote me said be positive and happy.  Thanks to all who gave the tip.  I hope we can all have a good week and try to be positive.  

Sorry I’m out of time, but I love you all, Elder Ollis

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