So Things Are Just Flowing Along Here in "Nice River" Honduras


This week was pretty normal I guess you could say, just working hard here in Honduras.  It was really hot here for a couple of days.  That was a real bummer, but what can I do.... so we suffered through.  I don’t know if it has to do with the heat, but I have a rash all over my chest and stomach, and now it’s moving to my back.  I don’t quite know what to do about that... but the only thing to do is to keep working. HA HA (for all you dorks that keep making fun of me for saying ja ja its less work. I don’t have to stretch my fingers so far.)

Oh, and I threw the hook and line in the river today, and tried a little bit of fishing.  The only problem is I don’t have bait, and the sausage I was using didn’t stay on the hook.  So that didn’t last long.  Send me some powerbait if you want.

I now have 11 months in this wonderful country of Honduras.  That’s super weird. Things are going really good right now.  My comp is super tight, he’s an awesome missionary. I sometimes feel like I’m junior comp with him, just a little bit of humility. My companion and I have a goal (I think I’ve explained it already), to have five baptisms in August, with three of the five being men.  I think this will be a great opportunity for me to work hard and to grow my faith even more.  I know this is the Lord’s work.  I know He’s guiding it, and I know He will help us if we do all we can.  It will be an opportunity for me to really be listening for the spirit and to follow it at all times, and to trust completely in Heavenly Father.  Because He is preparing people, but we just don’t know where they are yet.  So I’m just going to keep working hard, be obedient, and better myself everyday, so that we can receive the Lord’s help and meet the goal.

My comp may have changes, and I’m going to be super bummed if he does.  We have two people who are going to be baptized this week hopefully.  One has to have an interview with president, but they are both really awesome and are reading the Book of Mormon and praying.  One of them brought two friends to church, and two others to a baptism we had.  It’s always a good time when your investigators start sharing the gospel with others.  Those two baptisms are a lady named Virginia, and the other young woman is named Vallery.  We also set a baptismal date with a few others, and we have some new investigators that I have hope will progress.  So things are just flowing along here in “nice river” Honduras. Just working and getting better each day!  I’m pretty good here, just feeling good and happy!  Love you all and I hope you all know that I know this is the true gospel and the only way we can return to God, and I’m glad I have the opportunity to share that with others.

Love you all, Elder Ollis

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