The Lord Trusts Us to Move Forward and Do the Right Thing


Just want to share a little bit today… an experience I had this week that was a real scare.  We had a baptism planned for this past Saturday, however it didn’t happen.  We went to the house of this lady [who was to be baptized] three days before the baptism and taught the Word of Wisdom and we didn’t think she would have a problem with it.  Well, we were wrong.  She flipped when we explained that coffee is included in the list of “no-no´s”.  She said that she has been drinking coffee since she was a girl and wouldn’t quit.  She said it’s just better not to go back to church.  She told us we were inventing commandments. Well luckily we had a member with us and she was able to talk a little. But basically we said we know this is true and we’re not inventing it, and the only way she could know that, is if she prayed and asked God.  So we asked her what she wanted to do... try and do it, or not and just stop the lessons and quit going to church. Well she said she wouldn’t try.  So we said thanks for listening to us, the church is still open and we hope you can pray and ask and find that it is all true, and we left.  I was so bummed out.  I thought we had lost our golden investigator! So the next day we saw her daughter and we talked to her. She said that her grandpa got mad at her mom and they put a goal in practice and she didn’t drink coffee that day.  We went to see how she was doing three days later and she hadn’t drunk coffee in three days.  So all is good now and we are planning for her baptism this Saturday!  Oh yeah, her name is Erica.

We had a really good lesson too with another investigator named Juan Carlos.  He asked us in his lesson how he could have a spiritual experience in prayer and he said he really wants to have an answer for himself!  There’s the true intent!  So that was an awesome lesson and I hope he will read and pray about the Book of Mormon and recognize his answer!  

We have a family of four we are teaching too.  The mom is a member but has only attended like three times in her life.  Her kids are really interested.  Well, at least two, one of them was interested then started listening to some friend of his say stuff about the church and now he doesn’t want to listen.  But we had a lesson with the other two kids, and the girl named Lizbet, said that she knows the Book of Mormon is true! Her brother Cristian, is reading it and still doesn’t feel like he has an answer.  But I have hope, so we are going to commit them to baptism.  They didn’t come to church this week however and I was super bummed about that. There’s that agency thing again.

So we have some people that are progressing little by little. I have 
05/06/2014 - Elder Ollis and his fellow missionaries at
Wendy's.  I'm not sure how many there were, but I
guess they still have  appetites of growing boys!
hope they will be baptized soon!  Things are going well, just have to work hard and keep focused and listen for the spirit!  I was also made a District Leader this week... we´ll see how that goes. Love you all and I hope you guys can find opportunities to share the gospel too!  I know this church is true and I know that sometimes we fall into a routine, where life doesn’t really have anything significant.  But that is the time when we just have to stick to the basics and do what we should and The Lord will guide us through!  I don’t really know how to explain it very well, but sometimes an answer to prayer is nothing, because The Lord trusts us to move forward and do the right thing. And I think that happens in life.  We may feel that we have been abandoned or we haven’t felt his guide, or we haven’t had a real spiritual experience lately, but I think it’s because He just trusts us to keep moving and do the right thing.

Love you all and SEE YOU ALL (family) ON SUNDAY!
Elder Ollis

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