I Know He is Preparing Investigators, I Have Seen It


Well, I don’t really have that much to say this week again...We don’t really have a whole lot of work right now.  My area isn’t exactly a poor area, so the people have money and have work, and they are always working. It’s really hard to find times to meet with some of our investigators because they are working all the time.  So that is killing us right now.  We are also to the point in the cycle of missionary work, where we are starting to cut some of our investigators because they aren’t progressing.  Sadly, we had to cut a family yesterday.  They weren’t really reading the Book of Mormon or coming to church when they had time.  So they aren’t making it a priority and important.  They aren’t progressing and they won’t grow a testimony if they don’t do the things we leave for them to do.   Faith without action is dead.  We have to show our faith through our actions.  We have to have faith to do the actions too. Faith is something we have to have to receive an answer to prayer. So, if they can’t show their faith by their actions.....they won’t receive the answers we hope they will receive.  

We were supposed to have a baptism this weekend too, but that didn’t happen either.  It will be this week however.  We just needed a little more time to teach some things again.  So we are at the point where we have to start finding new investigators... This is going to be a time when I have to put even more faith in the Lord, because this is His work.  I know He is preparing investigators, I have seen it.  I know there are people in Cerro Verde that are waiting for the gospel and I know it will bless their lives.  I’m going to put my faith in that and try my best to be listening for the spirit so that we can be led to those people.  One of my greatest challenges is talking to new people, but we have to.  I’m going to try to focus and pay more attention to the spirit and have the faith and courage to follow the promptings and thoughts I receive in all moments.  I hope to become a better tool in the Lord’s hands as I better myself. The spirit is so important in this work.  So I’m going to strive to do all things possible to allow it to be with us this week and I’m going to talk to everyone.  I know as I strive to have the spirit and listen and follow it, we will find more people, more people willing to listen and act, and the people God is preparing. 

Just one little funny story to finish, this morning I was outside the house, and we have an avocado tree outside.  I was chopping one with my machete and then I was thinking what is aguacate in English.... and I couldn’t remember what the word was in English! I had to look it up in Spanish-English dictionary, ha ha....  Well, I love you all and I hope you can all listen for the spirit and have your own missionary opportunities.
Love you all!  See ya next week!

Elder Ollis

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