I Am Thankful We Were Able to Help Her


Monkey Boy in the tree!

Well this week was a lot of good, but a bit of bad too.  First of all today was absolutely awesome because we went to the beach again.  We feasted on coconut milk and meat from coconuts that I brought down from a few trees for everyone. So that was a good relaxation for the week.  Just made me realize how out of shape I am.  I could barely get up the tree two times, and my arms were fried after.  Guess I should actually use my exercise time instead of sleeping through it.  But I’m always so tired....  decisions....

…This week….all the lessons we had were really good lessons that…. really helped our investigators to progress. We had a lesson with our investigator that is going to be baptized this Saturday, and she was a little confused with the Book of Mormon and the different plates and stuff. We tried to explain it, but the power went out and we have to go back to our house when that happens…We had a lesson with a family that two of the kids are really interested.  They weren’t able to come to church this week, but for a good reason.  We also had a good lesson with someone who has listened to the missionaries a few times already and I have faith that he will progress this time. So we had some really good lessons.  And if things go well and people keep their commitments, we will have a baptism every week for the next three or four weeks!

Me and my companion fasted this week for our investigators too.  And I think we will do it again soon…We should have a baptism this Saturday and we have a few, new people that are willing to listen to us.  One of them is a family of four.  My comp contacted them when I was on divisions and we went to get an appointment and they were so nice.  The kid said he wanted to serve in the mission and he’s like 16 or something.  And the mom is really receptive and I have hope for them.  

We had more investigators at church than ever before, and one investigator that is really receptive was able to finally come.  She studies on Sundays and so she never could before.  She is on vacation right now.  So if she comes for three weeks we can baptize her. So we had a lot of good…things are progressing and getting better.  We also had a great experience with a less active sister.  We went to her house and we were talking for a bit and then we started sharing a message.  We asked her some questions because she looked a little worn down, and then she opened up to us and shared that she was really depressed.  She asked us if we could give a blessing and we did. I… am so thankful we were able to help her. 

On the bit of bad side, we had to drop a few investigators because they weren’t coming to church.  It’s always a struggle to get people to understand that we want them to act on our message, not just listen.  But some people just aren’t willing to do it.  They are missing the part that will bless them the most!  That’s agency.  I got in a little bit of a bible bash with some kid…He was really receptive with his two siblings, but the next time we came he didn’t really want to listen because he listened to some friend of his tell him a bunch of stuff about the church.  Then he starts telling us the Bible [is] the most correct, and that it doesn’t say anything about Nefi in the Bible…and I got a little too excited.  I felt really bad after…. so we will see what happens.  I have faith that his siblings will accept the gospel however.  

Don't worry I didn't get wet!
As for the funny story of the week, we went to teach an investigator, and we had planned to teach about the law of chastity, and her boyfriend just happened to be there.  We didn’t end up teaching it however.  It was just funny.  And we are getting cellphones this week!

So it was a pretty crazy week...I know the Lord is in charge of all things and is watching over us.  I know that this is His church.  I know that the things we teach can really bless the people, and it’s really frustrating when they can’t see that and don’t want to act.  But it’s my responsibility to share it so that all those who will, can accept it.  I know this church is true!   Love you all, and to my family I’ll see you all soon! 
Elder Ollis

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  1. That is the coolest that you actually got to climb a tree and get the coconuts....maybe we will start calling you Gilligan....maybe you don't even know who that is! haha You are one amazing missionary. Even though you have to let some go you never know what flame you have started and how your spirit and testimony has touched people......
    Way to go Elder Ollis! :) love you.