I Know This is the True Church, It is a Part of Me


Well, this week was a pretty good week. Just little by little improvement… my companion and I have been able to conquer our fears and we are talking to more and more people. We were able to start teaching a lady that sells soccer jerseys, and then her husband showed up and had a few questions.  I feel like he is pretty interested. I have faith that they will accept a baptismal date a bit later and be baptized.  We also found a family of three that were really receptive and we made an appointment with them.  It didn’t go that well, and half the family wasn’t there, but we have another lesson and I’m hoping to get them all together and teach them at the same time. We have a few people in the area that are very friendly with us.  The lady that sells us chicken, the lady that sells us topogigios [Spanish translation: a search on google suggests it’s kind of like a fruit popsicle, they look yummy!] and we are planning to share the gospel with them. We´ll see what happens.  We had an improvement in our end of week numbers and we talked a ton more... so we improved.  And that’s what we should be doing.  

Draper loves St. Patrick's Day, so we
sent him some items to help him celebrate!
I know I still need to continue to have faith and follow any thought to talk to people because it’s the spirit. Something I really want to improve is that I don’t really know the scriptures very well... I’ll be honest.  And it’s really hard for me to remember things. There have been a few instances this week where an investigator had a question and really we should have answered it with the scriptures.  So this week I’m really going to think of my investigators when I study, study for their needs, and pray for inspiracion as to what I should teach. I know that the spirit can guide us in what we should teach and say, and I put my trust in that.  Because it’s a lot better than anything I will ever teach on my own!  

I was really excited for conference this week and I got to watch it in English with a few other gringos, so that was good!  Although I was looking forward to checking the progress of my Spanish.  I learned quite a few things and I can’t wait to really study the talks to learn more.  Overall, I heard a theme of having courage and standing up for our religion, having Christlike love for others, and serving. Well, it just so turns out I’m doing those things right now, so maybe I’m doing alright! ha ha. But it was really good to listen to conference.  I really liked the talk from Presdent Uchtdorf about gratitude.  I have noticed a lot of the time my prayers are mostly asking for blessings.  I have forgotten to look for blessings and be thankful for them.  I know I need to try and do that better this week.  I also learned I need to be more grateful for the situations I am in, even if they are really hard. I also was really struck when Bishop Stevenson said that we only have four minutes in this life, and eternity to think about it.  That honestly scared me.  I know I need to refocus on the things I should be doing and improve myself.  I’m just so thankful that we have the technology to be able to hear it.  

So basically, it was a good week because we improved.  I know that perfection isn’t something I should shoot for, and if we are improving each day, we are in the right direction.  So I’ve still got work to do.  I’ve got to study the conference talks more, and talk like mad! I know this is the true church. It is a part of me. I don’t quite know how to explain it.  I know that if we really focus on the important things, like prayer and scripture study, and really try to find meaning and inspiration, we can find it.  I know the things I’m sharing are true.  I’m planning on refocusing my efforts and finding greater joy and meaning in my mission this week.  Love you all, and keep sharing the gospel!

Elder Ollis

P-Day activity, chopping wood in the jungle to make a
champa!  Picture a hut on a Hawaiian beach!

Draper's companion on the far left, with the two ZLs
From Draper's letter: Just resting after chopping wood with my machete in the jungle.  It was about a gazillion degrees outside.  We didn't bring water and we had to haul all the wood out on our backs.  Some gangsters that have smuggling routes in the area stole the cell phone from the ZL's who were with us.  And I now have crazy tan lines, I got fried!  (This is the moment when mom takes a deep breath and prays harder than ever :)
A gringo tan!  

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