They Understood Exactly What We Were Saying!


Well this week was a good week.  My companion and I have been talking more and more and we were able to get members to go with us this week.  So that was really awesome.  We also had a really great lesson with a family of investigators we have.  They were a reference from a member and it’s a bit difficult to meet with them because the dad works everyday till eight at night, and the mom works every day but Saturday until seven.  So they are rarely ever together to teach.  But we were able to have a lesson with them this week and it was awesome.

We started to read the chapter of the Book of Mormon that we left for them to read.  They hadn’t read it.  We can only meet once a week with them so they forgot, but that’s normal here. People never keep their commitments the first time. But anyway, we read Moroni 10 and talked about it.  Then we explained a little bit about the priesthood because the wife had a question, and then we explained a little bit about where we got the book since they had forgotten what we taught them two weeks ago. But they understood what the first seven verses of Moroni 10 are talking about. That we can pray and receive an answer.  We then asked then what it means if the Book of Mormon is true.  And the husband started talking and it was just…wow!   He knew exactly what it meant if the book is true.  (Which of course, it is!)  He said that if this book is true, then the church is true.  That’s usually something we teach to the people.  It’s a chain….  if the Book of Mormon is true, then Jesus is the Christ, Joseph Smith was a prophet, and this is the true church Jesus organized in his life here on earth.  And he already understands that if the book is true then the church is true!  

It was just so awesome because they understood exactly what we were saying!  I don’t remember everything we talked about, but I just remember when the husband was talking I was thinking, what the heck, that’s usually what I say to the investigators. It was so cool.  So we challenged them to read the Book of Mormon and they said they would and I have great hope they will receive an answer.  We also challenged them to be baptized.   The only issue we have is they can’t go to church because of work.  But I have hope that they will keep the challenge, get an answer, and when they have an answer that the book is true and the church is true, they will understand the importance of the church and will go.  So that was the best experience of the week. Love you all and keep being obedient!

Elder Ollis

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