This Week was Really Really Bad, and Really Really Good


Alright, i didn't have much last week and this week definitely made up for it.  SO... this week was really really bad, and really really good. and i'm really really tired ha ha.  so i will start at the begining.  mom don't die of a heart attack, but my pants are very disappointing.  i have a few pairs that have stitching coming undone and threads hanging out, and a few of them, the top of the pockets has come unstitched from the waistline so i'm going to be a very experienced seamster by the end of my mission. poor worksmanship.   so that started off my week and i was not happy. 
then, all the elders in the district woke up one day with an outbreak of diarrhea.  that morning until about 2 in the afternoon, was an absolute nightmare.  i think i went at least every half hour.  we were all afraid to eat after that.  my butt is still healing.  so that was a complete destroyer of happiness for that day.  then to top it all off, i got 200 american dollars stolen from my wallet.  all my cash.  which is like 2000+ pesos.  so whichever of the cleaners cleaned my wallet got a nice bonus for the day. Unfortunatley it was all my doing.  i left my wallet on the table because our closets didn't lock.  however me and my companion later figured out that we had each others keys that was why.  so completely my fault.  again, i was not happy.  so those are just the few things that contributed to my week being really really bad.  however, the one occurence of good was so awesome that it cancelled everything out. 
i think i told a little about our current investigatior. she's really quite stubborn and our lessons had been really bad. we had an activity that was supposed to help us find ideas to help teach this investigator and i recieved a prompting to share section 121 in D and C.  this is when joseph smith was in liberty jail and is having a hard time, but through prayer, God comforts him. i felt that this would help us because our investigator had a rough life and an event that made her feel that God didn't listen to her. i thought that the story of joseph smith was similar to hers and she would appreciate it and that we could share with her that sometimes our trials are for our good.  
we go to the lesson confident that this would be the lesson that would get to her and that she would feel the spirit and change.  however, she asked one question the whole time and we thought that the whole thing had gone in one ear and out the other. she didn't understand how the event in her life that was difficult had helped her to grow.  i was so disappointed. 
the next lesson, we decided to talk about the book of mormon, since it is the keystone of our religion.  my companion had a great idea to highlight certain scriptures that we though might help her.  we had a few questions we thought we should ask to understand what she wanted from our lessons.  and the lesson came.  before hand i felt that i should ask what she expected to get out of our lessons, or what she wanted from them.  i asked that question and she opened up more than we had heard before. she said she had thought about our last lesson and she explained that she had been abused by her father when she was young and had prayed and had not recieved the protection that she asked for.  she wanted to know why.  
the spirit was there as we told her that we were only 18 and we didn't know why God had allowed these things in her life. we didn't know why sometimes God does certain things and that we have to have faith.  we told her that she can ask God why, through prayer.  after that i recieved a prompting to share something that my branch president shared with me.  i told her that when we want to talk to God we pray, and when God wants to talk with us, he will through the scriptures.  i know that is true.  i shared that and my testimony of the power of the book of mormon to change her life, and to bring her happiness in this life and the next if she follows the principles that are talked about in the book.  my companion did the same.  
it was an awesome experience. she took the book and read the scriptures we highlighted. it was awesome.  afterwards me and my companion discussed things that happened and realized that the impression i had to share the story about joseph smith was not a failure.  without following that prompting, i believe that the lesson would not have impacted her the way it did. she wouldn't have reflected on the story and i don't think that she would've opened up to us like she did the lesson after.  it was an awesome experience i learned so much from it.  i learned and was able to really grow in how to recognize the spirit and i learned that we just need to listen to it.  i testify that the power of the spirit is amazing and im so very thankful for the opportunity i have to be on a mission and be so close to the spirit.  im so very thankful for the power of the book of mormon.  it is an awesome book that our gospel couldnt exist without.  i love the gospel and i'm thankful for this week and the things i experienced.  
Mom! you have no idea about time flying by.  i'm going in to the real field in less than a week! i'm so excited! to answer your questions, yes i have lost some weight ha ha. its good though. i haven't recieved anything about leaving yet so i dont know, i will be able to email you right before i leave i think so we'll see. i love the fact that your quotes always back up something i learned in a devotional this past week ha ha! i love you much and if possible please send me a package with body wash, deodorant, lotion, and tons of pens pencils note cards paper, sticky notes, tabs to stick in my scriptures, and other office supplies! and candy, that would be appreciated!.  love you and miss you and i'm a little mad that you decided to start hiking after i leave ha ha! 
DAD! i cannot believe that is thomas on the scale.  that worries me a little.  ha ha i heard about the [BYU] game the other day.  what can you do.  maybe they aren't reading their scriptures enough ;)  i just hope everything is good at home. i just want to tell you something i learned in a devotional by elder holland.  it pertains to your comment about sometimes our own soul is the one that is changed.  he said that the missionary program is only supposed to do one thing. and that he only expects us to have one true convert.  ourselves.  he is my new favorite apostle ha ha we have heard so many good talks from him!.  love you and miss home
keep sending more pictures! and buy a puppy........Love, Elder Ollis 

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