This Week Was Great...It was Like Christmas!


Well this week was great.  it was like christmas because we got vending machines in our apartment block and fly swatters in every room and thats fun! its also mexican independence day on friday so thats awesome. ill let you know how that goes.  i dont have much to say today but i just wanted to let you all know that things are starting to work out.  
these last few weeks have been a struggle for me and my companion. we've had a hard time bringing the spirit into our lessons and that was something i had been praying about.  then this sunday we had a devotional about how to bring the spirt and a talk by elder holland about that also.   i also studied in Alma 17 which really gave me some knowledge about how to be a better missionary.  as me and my companion have made a renewed effort in our studying and our obedience, we have seen our lessons get better.  the spirit can only work through clean vessels of the lord.  one of the things that is especially hard for me is that the spirit is affected by your attitude.  so i'm trying my hardest to be positive at all times.  
my camera is blurry because half those were taken by hispanics ha ha thats why.  i'll send some more pictures and stuff next week.  thanks for ordering the music.  everythings good in mexico and i love you very much.  
Elder Ollis 

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