I the Lord Have Chosen Thee


just wanted to share a little experience i had the other day.  i was studying in preach my gospel about the savior organizing the church on the earth.  and i read a callout box of scriptures and they were about the priesthood.  in one it explained how important the priesthood is and  i remember writing down in my journal that i felt unworthy sometimes to hold such power and that i wondered why i was called to have it.  the next scripture i read was as if heavenly father was speaking to me comforting me. it was christ speaking to his apostles but he might as well have been speaking to me.  it said i the lord have chosen thee... and went on to talk about how i can ask god for what i need and it will be given to me.  it was such a cool experience to recieve that reassurance through the scriptures.  i didnt bring my journal so i dont have all the details or it would be longer but it definitely strenghtend my testimony about the scritpures and that heavenly father knows me and loves me. 
yo amo ustedes e yo quiero compartir mi testimonio.  yo se que la iglesia is dios iglesia, e esta verdadero.  yo se que missionals es muy importante e estoy agradecido por la opportunidad a serve a missional.  yo se que jesu cristo muerto por nuestro pecados.  estoy agradecido por la expacion.  yo se que jose smith is a verdadero profeto de dios e el palabras es verdadero.  yo se que el libor de mormon is verdadero e estoy agradecido por la escrituras.  dont try and translate that cause its not all correct ha ha love you and I'm sending some pictures. 

love you much, Elder Ollis 

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