Just Follow It, and We Will Know


Well, this was a pretty good week.  A really long week for some reason... but a good week. This is the first full week with my new comp, Elder Ordoñez.  

The good news for this week is that finally we might have a baptism!  Whooo!!.  The Hermana Francisca was supposed to move this last week and she didn’t, and came to church on Sunday.  So we went after church to set a date, and she said yah we should just do so Saturday.  We will be planning the baptism. We are just going to go for it even though we don’t’ know if she is going to move this week or not. I’m praying she doesn’t!  She’s such a funny, little old woman.  She’s been reading the Book of Mormon, praying, going to church and everything.  She’s had some difficulties with coffee and going to church, but she’s gotten to this point and I think she’s ready. 

I just wanted to share another experience we had this week that truly testifies to me that the Lord guides us.  We were walking to an appointment and we walked past a house, and I just had a little thought to go contact there.  And I’m still a little turd, and say to myself, “We’re late to this appointment so I’ll do it later.”  The next time we passed the house I remembered.  So I told myself I just needed to do it, and we went and contacted.  They received us in the gate.  We talked about our message and left a pamphlet with them and set another appointment.  We went back and found that they were married.  That’s really rare for Honduras.  They told us they had seen a lot of other doctrines and that all of them had something that didn’t appeal to them.  Then we started teaching about the restoration.  They had read the whole pamphlet, followed along and understood everything we were teaching.  It was an awesome lesson!  I wanted to challenge them to baptism with a date, but I had no idea the dates for the next few weeks. So I was sitting there trying to think, and the number fourteen was ringing around in my head, but I didn’t know if it was for sure, so I didn’t do it.  But afterwards I looked at the calendar on the phone, and there it was the fourteenth. I know that the spirit guided us to that house. I know that the spirit was in that lesson telling me to challenge for the fourteenth, and I’m still a turd and don’t listen because I’m scared ha ha.  But I know that as we listen to the spirit, which always requires faith, we will be doing what the Lord wants.  Like it says in Preach My Gospel, if we want to know if it’s the spirit, just follow it and we will know.  I know that to be true as I’m learning more and more about following the spirit in the mission. 

Love you all and have a good week.
Elder Ollis

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