I Watched it Touch Her Heart


Putting in a few service hours
Well you fabulous children of God, I hope you all had a great new year’s.  Mine was pretty boring, I actually went to bed at 10.  So ya, no big deal, just have to go into the new year well rested, right?  Well this week was pretty normal. We had quite a few opportunities for service. One of which was digging a 12-foot hole for a cistern, and that was pretty killer.  It was way hot and way muddy.  

I don’t have much time just wanted to share a little experience we had.  We went to visit an inactive and I had heard some bad things about this family.  But we went, and she was really nice.  She let us in and we talked.  She told us she had doubts about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, and she said a lot of other excuses and stuff.  Normally I get a little frustrated talking with less actives and so we talked a little lively there for a minute.  Then I just shared my testimony; that it all comes down to the Book of Mormon.  She has to read it to know it’s true and then she´ll know the rest.  So I shared my testimony about that, and all out of nowhere, she asked if I had a book.  I said yes, and we gave it to her and she said she would read it.  I know that the spirit was there. I watched it touch her heart so that she would accept the book. It was really cool to see that right in front of me.  So ya, just that experience for you guys. I know the spirit helped us with that one, and that’s the only reason she accepted the book. Then after that, we helped move like, a five-hundred pound granite rock... so fun stuff ha ha

Love you all, have a good week, and enjoy the new year!  Sorry have to go.
Elder Ollis

From an email sent to his sister: 
Crazy Story!  We were walking through a really dark area in La Jutosa and had to pass a cantina.  There were five drunks out front and two of them had machetes and were yelling at each other. So we just walked on by trying to be all normal. Didn't want to stop and take a picture of that, typical Honduras stuff!
Funny story!  A crab on a leash!  A kid came running into one of our lessons dragging it behind him.  Totally made me laugh!

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