And…Drum Roll…We Baptize People in a River!


Well here I am.... I had transfers this week and what a change it was.   I am in Rio Lindo still in the department of Cortes.  However, I had to ride the bus for like two hours to get here.  So we are pretty much in straight farmland.  Picture Idaho, just a little more hilly and a whole lot greener. I don’t even know how big the area is.  We have to take a moto taxi for like fifteen minutes to get to part of it.  So we are pretty far out here.  The church here is in a house, with about 100 members every week.  And..... drum roll........... we baptize people in a river! How sick is that.... so I’m stoked. I want a baptism quick, ha ha. There’s also a huge lake around here called Calle el Lago de Yojoa, and we are planning on going fishing next P-day.   I don’t have a problem with that!

Well today was pretty good. President gave us permission to watch a match in the World Cup.  Unfortunately we chose Germany vs Portugal.  What a waste of time.  And Honduras didn’t do too hot either.  France kicked them around.  We had to be in the house during the match, and we had to go in early that night too.  But my new area is pretty chill, so not really much of a problem. 

Well I’m almost out of time and I’ve only been here a few days so I don’t have much to say.  But we had a cool experience the other day.  We were teaching a lady and she had been taught the plan of salvation before I came.  So we went to her house and she had some questions.  We asked her which of the three degrees of glory she wanted to obtain, and she said the highest. She said she wanted Eternal Life.  Then we explained what she had to do to receive that.  She had to live the gospel, which includes baptism.  We explained the gospel of Jesus Christ and then committed her to be baptized the 28th of this month, and she said yes.  So it was pretty awesome.  It was just like all those prepared people in Cerro Verde; people that just accept the gospel so easily and are ready to commit. It’s just proof to me again, that this is the Lord’s work and I don’t do much.  I just teach a bit.  So I’m glad to be able to see all these prepared people and participate in the Lord’s work. 

I know this is His work and His church and there are so many blessing waiting here for those who want to partake of it.  I know this is true.  Well that’s all I’ve got for you guys. Love you all and take care!  Elder Ollis

P.S. It’s currently pouring and now I have to leave.  I will be completely soaked before I get to the house, which is just up the street.

Note from Mom Ollis:  Draper’s mention of the lake piqued our interest, so we looked it up online.  This is a description we found: “Lake Yojoa (Lago de Yojoa) is the largest natural lake in Honduras. It is 95 feet deep, 4 miles wide, and 10 miles long. The lake sits at the base of two mountainous national parks. Santa Barbara National Park rises above the Northern shore, and Cerro Azul Meambar National Park towers above the Southern shore. It is an easy place to reach, as the main highway between San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa passes alongside Lake Yojoa. The lake is comparable to Lake Tahoe in California.” ( picture of Lake Yojoa is from his Mission President's blog.  Draper will be in heaven, whether they catch fish or not.   Take a look at how much he has moved around in his mission. 

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