I'm So Grateful We Have an Eternal Vision

(Elder OIlis was transferred last Wednesday to a new area.  He spent three days with his new companion who was then sent home.  He is currently living with the Zone Leaders awaiting another new companion.  He is a little frustrated that almost a whole week went by without learning about his new area or doing much missionary work. Please keep him in your prayers!)


Well, I honestly have nothing to share this week.  It’s been a really crazy week.  I’m getting a new companion this week and I’m in a new area, so it’s really crazy right now.  I’m seriously sitting here trying to think of something to write…..  so I’ll just share my testimony.  I just want to share that I know this church is true.  The gospel is really the only way that we can make it through this life and return to live in the presence of God. I know the scriptures are like a guidebook for every problem we have in life.  And I know that we can express every problem we have to our Heavenly Father who loves us and is waiting to hear us.  I know we have our loving brother Jesus Christ, who died for our sins and is waiting to forgive us for the things we do wrong.  I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet called of God for this day.  

I’m so excited that I will get to listen to this General Conference and actually understand it this time- ha ha.  I’m so glad that we have this church.  This world truly is filthy and dark, yet with the Atonement and the hope that it brings, the world is definitely much brighter.  I’m so grateful that we have an eternal vision in sight and that this life is just a test, a really long test at that. I’m also thankful for the opportunity I have to share these things.  I’m so thankful for the many blessings Heavenly Father has given me. They are innumerable. He loves us so much and I know He's listening to us and that’s why He gives us so many guides in our lives. He wants that we can come back to Him.  Love ya all and miss you all!
Elder Ollis

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  1. I hope that Draper can realize the blessing he is receiving by having the time to study, pray and get ready to hit this new area with gusto.